Saturday, January 22, 2011

North face Ultra Trial...So much training, so much commitment, so much pain!!!

Should we? shouldn't we? do we? don't we? So much training, so much commitment, so much pain!!! 

Durning the month of December there was lots of umming and arhhing about whether or not to complete the online inscription for the 2011 UTMB. After completing the CCC two years ago we always fancied the 'ultimate one'.

For those who are unfamiliar... The North Face Ultra Trial takes in the full circuit of the Tour du Mont Blanc, 165 kms with approx 9500 mtrs of ascent, non stop within 46 hours, starting and finishing in Chamonix... most definately an 'Ultra Trial'! Qualifying points need to be gained before you can inscribe on by undertaking other long distance mountain marathon/ ultra trial type races during two years prior to enrolment.

Three other races take place during the week... CCC (from Courmayeur, Campex, to Chamonix 98kms +5400 mtrs ascent ), TDS from Courmayeur to Chamonix clockwise (109 kms +7100 mtrs of ascent) and the PTL (Petite Trotte Leon a massively long team relay race of about 300 kms).

Places are limited for all races and once the inscription period is over the draw is held and places are allocated.

Results day arrived, would we be selected or would we be let of the hook? We opened the email tentatively feeling sick at the thought... Oh thank god for that... No luck, the draw was unsuccessful and haven't managed to gain a place this year. General reaction, Phew! tinged with a hint of disappointment... at least we could enjoy a more relaxing summer in the mountains.

At this point we have two options... take a refund of the 50 euro deposit paid at the time of enrollment or move your application over to TDS 109 km race. 

Not sure what happened next... but before we new it we had returned to the dark side, clicking the button 'transfer to TDS' 

Oh no, what have we done?

Mont Blanc Treks 2011

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