Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Walkers Haute Route current conditions

As with the Tour du Mont Blanc snow has been more of an issue so far with some parts of the Walkers Haute Route.

The main problem being the section between Cabane du Mont Fort & Arolla as this section of the route goes & stay high for a number of days.

Mont Fort to Prafleuri via the Col des Chaux: Not too much snow on the Mont Fort side but lots on the back side & descent to the junction where you ascend to Col de Louvie. The snow is steep at the top so great care needs to be taken on the descent. See photo.

Sentier des Chamois: Is a better option, less snow & much better views if weather allows.

Col de Louvie & the Grand Dessert: Snowy & steep descent on to the plateau. Snow patches all the way across & on the rock step between before the Col Prafleuri. See photo taken looking back at Col de Louvie.

Col Prafleuri: Lots of snow on the ascent (see photo), no problems on the descent to the Cabane.

Prafleuri to Arolla: No issues with snow but path has been routed from last year and now heads up towards the Cabane des Dix and cuts across below the glacier (new bridge) and up the moraine to the Col Reidmatten or Pas des Chèvres.

No problems with descent into Arolla.

Rest of the WHR no real problems, patches of snow on shady north facing slopes but ok.

Europaweg: First half open but it's usual loose & horrible self, stone fall danger in the gullies. 2nd half still closed so you will need to descend to Randa & then back up towards Tashalp & on into Zermatt.

For more specific info contact: sara@montblanctreks.com


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